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4 Light Elk Billiard Antler Chandelier (2 Downlights) (AWC-63)

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    • Dimensions: Approximately 56"- 59" Long / 27"- 30" Wide / 23"- 26" Tall
    • Proudly American Made in East Texas.
    • Hand-made antler chandeliers begin with hand selected shed antlers (no deer are killed). All antler products are 100% authentic. 
    • The antler itself possesses beautiful color and is graceful in shape. These characteristics make the chandelier a highly unique piece of art.
    • All of our lighting components are UL Listed and approved.
    • All wiring is entirely concealed internally.
    • Any of our antler art products can be custom designed to any dimension desired by the customer.
    • Bring the distinctive taste of Western America into your home today with a quality hand-made antler chandelier from AntlerWorx.
    • Order here or call 903-759-5149 today for your very own antler chandelier from AntlerWorx.

AWC-63 AWC63 AWC 63