The Neutral Palette

It is the hottest hue of the day!  Grounding a room in shades of white, black, and a variety of grays, are the perfect background to show off your individual style.  This banquet hall is a great example.  The neutral palette of black and white is the canvas backdrop, but can easily be adapted to a different taste, with a quick change  in accent colors, contemporary touches, or even an industrial feel with the right accent pieces. 

The chandeliers in the photo are no exception.  Alternating black and white, adding shades, or crystals are just a few examples of how this entire room can change with just a few tweaks.  More of our customers are turning to this option and requesting chandeliers with neutral option colors.  We have to admit, they're a hit!  

Tell us what you think by leaving a comment.  Are you down for this look?  What would you add or take away from this room to make it your own?  We can't wait to see what inspires you.  

See you in July!  And don't forget to check us out in the July issue of Cowboys and Indians Magazine.  



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