Find Your Inspiration

It certainly has been a long time since our blog was updated, so here's to the New Year "2022" and posting new blog entries more often!  Talk about finding inspiration; that's the pot calling the kettle black . . . 

Couldn't we all use some inspiration and a new perspective?  Most people have spent a lot more time "at-home" over the past couple of years, looking at your walls, floors, and lighting.  I painted my living room, in my mind, 3 different times in 3 different colors before I settled on a paint color.  The point is that maybe it's time for a fresh coat of paint in your home, or a new piece of furniture. 

How about an Antler Chandelier?   Everything can be customized to suit your taste and needs, whether you are into the neutral palettes of grays, whites, and blacks, or the warm wood tones of nature.  City slickers and country folk alike seem to find exactly what they're looking for when they start exploring the possibilities of building their very own custom chandelier.  

Add some crystals, or pearls to a chandelier, or bring your own antler from that big hunting trip and customize your chandelier or other lighting piece.   Find your inspiration, consider your personal style, and let's bring it to life. 

See you in our next blog.  Until then keep the inspiration flowing!

The AntlerWorx Team