3 Simple Ways Antler Lighting, Furniture, and Accessories Change The Character Of Your Home

We are excited to be bringing your our very first blog post! With that being said, we aren't pro bloggers, just pro antler lighting builders. So please give us a little grace where grace is needed. :) 


So let's jump right in and talk today about 3 simple ways that you can use antler to add flare to your home whether your style is in Rustic Design or Contemporary/Modern Design. Honestly, we think you'll be surprised by how antler adds a ton of character and a unique spin to your space. SO, let's get started. 

Note: Not all photos belong to us, but credit will be given to each photograph that we use. 

1.) Chandeliers

-Yes, this is probably what you think of first when you think of antlers in a home. You may think of a log cabin or Bass Pro Shops.

What you may not realize is that there are chandeliers made of authentic antler (which are shed from animals each spring) and then also chandeliers made of manufactured "cast" antler, also known as a faux antler chandelier. You'll notice a price difference between these as well. Faux antler chandeliers can range from $400-$5,000 depending upon the size and real antler chandeliers typically range from $1,500-$30,000 depending upon the size. Faux Chandeliers being advantageous from a cost perspective, but Real Antlers being advantageous from a natural look, strength, and authenticity standpoint. 

The great thing about antler chandeliers is that there are all kinds of variations that can be produced. If you have a large open space, a large circular & symmetrical chandelier works great in the space. See photo below for an example:

An authentic 12 Light Mule Deer Chandelier from Antlerworx.


Chandeliers also work well over dining areas. See photos below for examples:

deer antler setting

Two 8 Light Tall Mule Deer Chandeliers from Antlerworx

Antlerworx 4 light mule deer chandelier over a round breakfast table.

Elegant sunbleached chandelier from Antlerworx with crystals over a formal dining area. Thanks to A Well Dressed Home for your business and the great photo! 

Also, there are all kinds of elongated options as well for counters, billiard tables, and bar areas. See photos below for examples:

deer antler chandelier above pool table

Billiard Lights manufactured by Antlerworx

antler chandelier

Long Bar Shaped Antler Lights

Thanks to Michael Dawkins Home for the image! 

Also notice the difference between Rustic and Modern Design. Antler is breaking out of the "Rustic" box! 


Want a chandelier but not sure on shape or sizing? Give our design experts a call today at 903.759.5149 to design your perfect chandelier! 

2. Lamps

We are focusing our first two points on antler lighting. Antler works so well in lighting in our opinion because of their complex shape and the fact that as the light hits them, they create unique shadowing and depth unlike any other natural material could have for lighting. 

There are a few different types of lamps that we've noticed look incredible and can really add some flare to your space. Check these out:

antler Lamp

antler lamp

Small Lamp from Antlerworx

antler lamp

Modern Whitewashed Antler standing lamp from littlebluedeerdesign.com


As you can see, there are different variations available and you can create a two completely different looking pieces depending upon what finish the antler has and what type of lampshade it has. In our humble opinion, because of this, Antler is always a good idea when it comes to mixing it up in your space. 

3. Accessories

There are a lot of different options available as far as accessories are concerned. You can see all of our antler accessories here on antlerworx.com. However, here are some photos of a few great examples where antler accessories give your home a new, unique spin! Check these out:


antler accessories

Fallow Antler Candelabra from Antlerworx 

antler accessories

Antler Mirror & Flower Arrangements from Antlerworx 

antler accessories

 Antler Dough Bowl from Antlerworx

antler accessories

Moose Magazine Rack from Antlerworx


Here are just a few of the many ideas available when incorporating Antler into your rustic or contemporary home. 



When it comes to incorporating antler into your home, it's time to break out of the box. It's not just for log cabins anymore. You can use it anywhere depending upon what type of finish you use, and there are always new creative ideas waiting for you to tap into. 

If you'd like to incorporate Antler into your home & decor, Antlerworx.com is a great place to start. We offer everything from chandeliers, to lamps, to furniture, to accessories.

Also, at Antlerworx we are proud of to offer the ability to customize any current product to fit your unique needs or even starting from scratch with just an idea.

If you can dream it, we can build it. 

Reach out to us today at 903.759.5149 or email us at Antlerworx@gmail.com to speak with one of our design specialists and make your dreams a reality. 


Thanks for reading! Until next time... 

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Zach @ Antlerworx Inc.

Antlerworx is a professional Antler Lighting and furniture manufacturer with over 15 years in the industry. We specialize in using only Authentic Naturally Shed Antlers from animals all across the U.S. and Canada. No animals are harmed while collecting these sheds.